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Electronic Components Supplier in China

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Yougou is your electronic components sourcing agent in China

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Yougou is an expert in supplying rare components. Submit the list of your electronic components via excel(BOM) or form. Our employees will process your list and send you back an invoice. We will buy and ship your products after you have confirmed the invoice.

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YouGou is an expert electronic components supplier in China

Removing intermediaries, buy original electronic components with unbeatable prices


YouGou Electronics with active and distributed branches in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, has direct access to sources and companies producing electronic parts in China. If you are looking for a dependable sourcing agent or supplier of electronic components in Shenzhen, China the capital of electronic components, place your inquiry right now. YouGou buys your electronic components directly from manufacturers and first level sources and ships to your requested country in the shortest possible time.

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Cooperation with China manufacturers has made YouGou Electronics one of the best Electronic Components suppliers in China. If you need to buy Electronic Components from main manufacturers at the wholesale price, submit the form bellow.

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